Kristin Cavallari is like a Christmas present. Why? Because we can't wait to unwrap her dress and play with what's inside. Not that we'll get the chance, because she is amazing and we are... well the less said about us the better. The lovely blonde was at the Much Music Video Awards, looking very nice indeed.

Kristin has been in shows which include Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Veronica Mars and The Hills. And if you have been doing your FHM homework, you should know, The Hills also stars the gorgeous Audrina Patridge, who graced our cover in April. If you didn't know, then stand up slap your self and look at this. Why did you have to slap yourself? Because we're evil.

This is a lovely picture, obviosuly, so we won't patronise you by telling you why. However we will draw your attention to the ginger creature in the crowd, who has been caught with their eyes closed. We hate it when that happen in pictures, it makes us look like a bunch of buffons!

Here Kristin is kissing an invisible frog in an attempt to turn him back into a prince. We know, that's ludicrous. She won't even be able to see him when he turns back into a human. Silly Kristen.

Kristinmas in June! (See what we did there) Here are some lovely Kristen Cavallari gifts.

1 \ Kristin forgot her trousers.

2 \ Kristin is healthy.

3 \ Kristin's see through top on Hollywood Tuna.

4 \ Kristin in her bikini.