Kristen Cavallari appears on The Hills, which basically means her job is going out for drinks and making a confused and mildly sympathetic face when her friend tells her Some Dude was looking at some other girl in a bikini when he should have been looking at her in a bikini. As jobs go this is quite an easy, well paid and good job.

Kristin Cavallari's job might not require any specific 'skills' but she puts maximum effort into looking really, really good, just as in these pictures from Dirrty Glam magazine (you can tell it's a bit edgy because it used two Rs). Why? Because she's professional and a trooper and a person to be applauded.

Here is Kristin Cavalari looking good while standing up and having a bit of a sexy think.

Here is Kristin Cavalari looking good while hanging off a pole, despite just evidently having her legs mauled by a tiger. Well done, Kristin Cavalari.

Highlights from FHM's Kristin Cavallari archive:

1/ Kristin Cavallari forgot her trousers

2/ Kristin Cavallari is healthy