So that’s it then? That was our sun for the next few months eh? Might get a splash in August but bar that it will be overcast, uniform darkness until this time next year. Okay that might be an exaggeration but wasn’t it glorious? Basking, baking, drinking a laughing. Women spilling out of bikinis and the best time you’ve had in a park since that time you macked off with Sarah Biggins in the park when you were 14. Sun does great things to you. It makes your skin happy and your friends happy and your girlfriend happy which all adds up to a happy you. Just look at these picture of 23-year-old Cavallari.

The star of The Hills and The Real Laguna Beach basically grew up on the beach in the sun. And look at the results, as she walked the red carpet at The Big Bluff Online Triva Game Launch hosted by Perez Hilton held at Industry in West Hollywood, California the other night she lit everything up like a spotlight. God man, look her teeth? The sun makes teeth healthy right? That’s why the yanks mock us for our crooked dentures. It’s not our fault America, okay? It’s geography.