Whether or not she's your bag you can't argue that Lady Gaga isn't eye catching. If she's not hollowing out sea turtles for shoes or finishing off her live show by firing herself into space she's giving what journalists like to call 'good quote' It makes our lives easier and it makes the interviews more fun for the reader. And she hasn't disappointed in either pictures or words for her latest cover shoot for American magazine Vanity Fair.


The loopy singer poses topless on some nice clean Egyptian cotton bed sheets and reveals that she tries to avoid having sex because she is afraid of depleting her creative energy. "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina."""

She also reveals that when she revealed her drug use to her mum, she didn't go to rehab but instead checked into her 82-year-old grandmas house. She tells the interviewer that when she got there she just, cried. I told her I thought my life was over and I have no hope and I've worked so hard, and I knew I was good. What would I do now? And she said, I'm gonna let you cry for a few more hours. And then after those few hours are up, you're gonna stop crying, you're gonna pick yourself up, you're gonna go back to New York, and you're gonna kick some ass. Good nan, great girl. Here's a gallery.