On the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone Lady Gaga is wearing a gun bra. Of course she is. Why wouldn't she be. This is a woman who probably wears slippers made out of endangered Arctic rabbits and a stainless steel dressing gown for lounging around and watching True Blood box sets. That's just what she does.

See, that's pretty tame by Lady Gaga standards. We're actually sort of surprised that she's wearing anything on her lower half. Speaking of which, doesn't Lady Gaga have a surprisingly peachy little bottom for a skinny lass? Lady Gaga is no stranger to weird magazine covers. Here's the last one she shot for Rolling Stone. Bubbly.

Here's the one she recently did for Q magazine. Look, she has a massive fake penis down her trousers. Oh Lady Gaga, you are so wacky. So very, very wacky.

Here's some more bonkers crap featuring Lady Gaga and her silly ways:

1/ The Gaga/Beyonce Telephone video is great

2/ It's time to get a Lady Gaga sex doll

3/ Lady Gaga shows her hooha

And here are some pictures of her. Click on the 'next' button and you'll see the next one. Mental.