You know when your dad puts his music on and turns it up really loud, as if he’s still young? Well, imagine your dad was doing that in front of 100,000 people while a giant zombie named Eddie hovered in the background. That’s how things are for singer Lauren Harris, the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, as she tours the rock circuit pumping out maximum volume tunes.

“It’s actually great supporting Maiden all over the world,” she says. “And it’s given me the opportunity to support people like Alice Cooper, which was incredible.”

Since her debut album came out in 2008 she’s been spending a lot of time on the road, fending off psychopathic groupies who see her as the perfect combination: rock + related to the Maiden + leather chaps + cuddly chest pillows.

“Fans in Europe are crazy,” she says. “I supported my dad in Milan and they were going insane for me as well as Maiden.” Mad with perversion no doubt. Now, please get your drummer to provide some percussion, as you shout your way through the issue.

Our big film this month is The Wrestler, in which Mickey Rourke nails his role as a washed-up professional. Are you into turnbuckle theatrics?

I know him, out of Sin City – he’s really famous isn’t he? I’ve never seen wrestling, but I like Ultimate Fighting. I’m totally into a bit of violence, I’m not a girly girl at all.

Never ones to let our brains get flabby, we’ve rounded up the best books to guide us through this economic crisis. How are you for cash?

I get a per diem of £15 a day, and I try to stick to that. You get a rider for food and alcohol, but we’re on a budget – we can’t do it how Maiden do it. I used to do odd bits of other work – shop assistant, things like that – but I can’t fit it in now.

This issue’s True Stories focus on horrific, alcohol-fuelled New Year rampages. When did you last throw up due to booze?

A month ago. I’m such a lightweight. I was on a night out and didn’t realise how drunk I was until I got outside – suddenly it was, “Oh shit, I’m really pissed”. I managed to get home to the toilet, though.

In our Hardware section we take a look at the equipment used by round-the-world yachtsmen. How are you on boats?

I did a gig on the deck of a cruise ship. It’s called the ‘Freedom Of The Seas’ and it’s the biggest cruise ship in the world. It was pissing down and only three people were watching from the Jacuzzi. It was quite funny in the end.

One of our features is the incredible tale of some Colombian soldiers who found $150 million in the jungle, took it and went mental on hookers and drugs. Care to offer any tales on this subject?

I did Fashion Promotion at college and one project was to redesign a corset. We went into Claire’s Accessories and stole a couple of necklaces because we didn’t have the money to pay for them. So I’ve stolen something before.

Finally, in Good Job/Bad Job there’s a chiropodist who chose to spend his life snooping around the scabbiest recesses of people’s feet. Had any awful jobs?

Waitressing. It was in a pub down the road while I was at university, just to get a bit of cash. But I was the worst waitress ever because the lasagne and pies were so heavy. I can’t stand rude people, either, so I only lasted a couple of months.