At FHM we respect women who know what they want and won’t stop until they get it. Women like singer/songwriter Layla Manoochehri. “For as long as I can remember I have been telling my mum that, no matter what she said, I was doing an FHM shoot and she couldn’t stop me,” smiles the 22-year-old whose exotic surname comes courtesy of Persian parents. “And I had to keep saying it, because you guys made me wait, but finally I’ve realised a dream.”

And so, to be honest, have we. The girl from Girlband has had us on our knees begging, darling please from the moment our designated The X Factor ‘talent spotter’ (read: lonely pervert forced to stay in on Saturday nights by his superiors) flagged up the 22-year-old’s God-given talents.

“It was my first lingerie shoot, so I was surprised how comfortable I was,” admits the girlfriend of ex-Blue singer Simon Webbe, who’s about to set out on a solo career after disbanding Girlband. “I just imagined I was at home on my own bed and that no one else was in the room. Mind you, if I had been at home, I wouldn’t wear anything…”

Wow. Blood. Suddenly. Rushing. From. Brain. South. Issue rundown, please…

Have you ever had any particularly bad hair days?
My whole childhood was one big bad hair day. My mum is a hairdresser and she tried out every single new hairstyle trend possible on me. On the plus side I was the envy of all the girls at school because of my Geri Halliwell blonde streaks. But the rest of the time it was short, out of fashion or just plain horrendous.

Are you a fan of Seann William Scott aka Stifler's work?
Yeah, and I even had the pleasure of meeting him when I was writing music in LA. Even though some of the jokes are a bit sick, I find his films so funny. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with three brothers.

Have you ever had any embarrassing experiences of public nudity?
I feel free with no clothes on, so, like I mentioned before, I’m one of those girls who literally does walk around her house naked. Once there was a house getting built across the road from where I live and I got a note from the builders saying they had seen me and suggested that, while I looked great, maybe I should close the curtains.

What’s your pet peeve about men’s fashion?
I hate guys who wear all the same label. Don’t be a billboard, mix and match. If you’re going to buy designer clothes, wear them with some high street stuff. Strutting around in 100% labels just looks a bit nasty.

What’s your favourite day of the week?
Got to be Monday. I’m a bit of a fitness freak, but I relax at the weekends, so when it comes to Monday I literally cannot wait to get up and get down the gym. I love it.

Would you go topless in the future?
In a film, absolutely. I am very, very comfortable with my body, so if someone was paying me enough and it was a great film – 100%.

Manicures and facials. ‘gay’?
No, it’s not bent to have a manicure; it just shows you have pride. I think it is absolutely brilliant that a man looks after himself, but, and here’s the important part, you can’t be a complete girl – you also have to be able to wake up, not do anything and still look gorgeous.

Who is your weird crush?
I’m in love with Jack Black, and the reason is I like guys who drink beer and have pot bellies. That’s just as hot as a guy who has a six-pack.

What’s the most romantic gift you’ve ever been given?
When I was six I received a diamond ring. One of the boys at school had stolen his mum’s engagement ring and put it in my desk. It was so romantic. I kept it in my pencil case until his mum called my mum in a blind panic.

Work’s great for you these days, but what’s been your worst employment experience?
My dad owns a fish-and-chip shop and he got me down there to help out one Saturday. I lasted five minutes before screaming about the stench of fat, downing tools and walking out.