LeAnn Rimes isn't the sort of lady you would normally see on FHM.com, in fact this may be the first article we've ever written on her. But that's cool, it's what we're about, breaking boundaries and women. Today we're combining the two, no, we're not going to break some women. We're going to write about her prancing around in a bikini on America's Got Talent.

As you probably won't know or care, LeAnn Rimes is quite big on the county music circuit. Having racked up nine number ones, however the only one in the UK was 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' which is a stupid title for a song in our opinion, unless you're a werewolf. However that was back in 2000 - TEN BLOODY YEARS AGO!

Back then (also known as 'the day') we were eleven and everyone was scared of the Millenium bug. LeAnn Rimes was filed under 'annoying' and 'loathesome' on our moody grunger radar. But today on Friday 20th August 2010, we'll file her under 'women we've loved' and 'sexual bushcraft' on FHM. Why? Well, because we need to redo our keywords and 'sexual bushcraft' is just an excellent combination of words isn't it?

Here's what LeAnn Rimes looks like now:

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