Oh sure, Lindsay Lohan is going to jail soon and there are apparently a bunch of lesbian prison gangs waiting to get their hands on her. But on the plus side, this promotional poster for the film Machete which features Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun and licking a gun is excellent. Machette is directed by Robert Rodruguez and Lohan is apparently very good in it. Rodriguez is probably pretty happy with the way this whole Lohan-going-to-jail thing has panned out because at least 11 extra people will go and see Machete because of it. If all 11 of those people go to a normal cinema in London, that’s about £110 extra for him which is easily enough for him to buy a couple of top quality steaks for him and a ladyfriend, possibly to serve with a delicious green salad and some form of carbohydrate. Rodriguez looks like the kind of guy who enjoys chips, but nothing surprises us anymore so perhaps he’s more of a mash man. Whatever he goes for, it’ll be much nicer than all the gruel and diseased inmate vaginas that Lindsay Lohan is forced to eat when she’s in jail, so ultimately Rodriguez will owe Lohan a damn good meal as soon as she’s released.

Machete stars Danny Trejo, Steven Seaga, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro. TRAILER: