So Lindsay Lohan is out, thank god for that. Sure she’s gone to rehab but that’s a fair trade if you think about it. And besides, we’re convinced this will be the wake up she needs and the promise we saw in Mean Girls will remerge and Lindasy will take her place as the female Robert Downey Jr. Probably.


Before Lindsay found herself in choky, she was gearing up to star in a biopic of Linda Lovelace, the star of infamous porno Deep Throat, which was scheduled to start filming this month, but has gone back again due to her 90-day rehabilitation program. To quash rumours that she’s been dumped as the star, producers released these racy and dark promo pictures. Wearing white underwear, she poses provocatively on a bed surrounded by men. In another shot the 24-year-old gazes at herself in a mirror, wearing a brunette curly wig to match the hair of Lovelace.


In a lengthy statement to E! Online, the film's producer Chris Hanley and director Matthew Wilder reveal how Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan called them after hearing reports that Lindsay had been fired. 'The producers and director of Inferno, the story of Linda Lovelace, have been aware of certain media articles indicating there had been some alternative actors considered for the Lovelace role other than Lindsay Lohan, These stories are completely unfounded and untrue.' Woo and indeed hoo. A gallery of some vintage Lindsay below for you delectation.