So, Lindsay Lohan's about to get banged up for violating her probation. That kind of sucks for her, but violating your probation doesn't pay, as the old saying goes. You've got to let the punishment fit the crime. The one who smelt it dealt it. And so on. But before she goes to the big house - which is probably far less charming than that sounds - she's appearing in German GQ, looking pretty fantastic, actually. Here she is in a bikini with a bow and arrow, for  no discernible reason. Funny Germans.


Lindsay Lohan in a bikini with a bow and arrow in German GQ

Here she is with no clothes on, enjoying a guitar.

Here she is wearing a fishnet swimming costume. This is the best one.

Lindsay Lohan in a fishnet swimming costume in German GQ

And here she is on the cover, along with some coverlines we don't understand because of our extremely limited German. We would only have understood the coverlines if they were about directions to the Autobahn and putting your rucksack under your chair. Buy German GQ, for all your Christoph Schlingensief news. What has he been up to now?!

Lindsay Lohan German GQ cover

Want to know what Lindsay Lohan naked with a guitar looks like when she's moving about? Literally exactly like this:


 (all photos copyright of Ellen Von Unwerth and German GQ)

Here are some more pictures of Lindsay Lohan: