Lindsay Lohan is not shy. She’s very famous. She knows how to party. She likes getting wrecked. She likes having sex with women and men. She looks like the kind of woman who would agree to spend the night with you after a suggestive glance across a bar. She’s probably nowhere near as badly behaved as daily newspaper reports claim she is, but she sure likes to play on her cocaine-addled bad girl image by doing things like modelling her dirty-as-hell clothing range from her own fashion label 6126. But calling her range “dirty-as-hell” is unfair. If Scarlett Johansson was the model we’d think the clothes were stylish and sophisticated (apart from the trousers with the yellow top and the tights that show her off her arse). But Lindsay Lohan is bad to the bone and could make a flowery summer dress look like fetish gear. What a woman.


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