As we all know Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in prison after violating her probation by drink driving, which is very dangerous, as you risk spilling it.

Lindsay will be heading to the big house on July 20, which is a mere eight days away. So instead of judging Lindsay, mocking Lindsay or ignoring her, we've decided to compile a checklist for what Lindsay should do to make the most of her last few days of freedom.

1 \ Pump some iron: People seem to do this a lot in prisons in the movies, maybe it's because they're bored or maybe it's because they fear for their lives. Either way Lindsay should hit the ground running and put on some bulk because at the moment they could pass her around like currency.

2 \ Have a really nice dinner: Prison food isn't supposed to be that great, because otherwise inmates get too content and never want to leave. We're not sure what food Lindsay can expect, but if Porridge is anything to go by, she can expect potatoes... and porridge.

3 \ Learn how to fashion some rudimentary stabby weapons: We don't condone violence and we don't want there to be violence, but brandishing something sharp is always a good way of getting people's attention. 

4 \ Have lots of sex: Well, because that's always fun to do.

5 \ Pretend to go a bit crazy: She can shave her head, drool a bit, turn to a weird religion and get a tattoo of someone else's face on her face. Why? Because if people think she is crazy they'll be more afraid of her in prison, plus when she comes out and acts normal she can pretend she has had a re-awakening. Then she can write a book and it will sell better than Mein Kampf, but that's probably not too hard.

Today Lindsay decided to have two bloody coffees. Why? Because she f*cking can!

Here is a video about Lindsay's lawyer quitting after she was sentenced to 90 days in prison.


And finally here is a gallery of the woman herself, being generally sexy and stuff.