The ultimate yummy mummy has been kicking back in Formentera, Spain in a £122 bikini. Ark at her eh? 45-year-old Liz Hurley is out of control hot. 45 and she’d give an 18-year-old sports science and part time model a run for her money. Mmm.

Hurley has her own line of bikini’s, but she’s not totally comfortable with the vibe… She said “Shooting bikinis is now my life, which, as you can imagine, is unmitigated hell. I can’t think of anything worse in the world than another bikini shoot - and I’ve got two next month. It’s unbearable, and I bring it all on myself. I’ve got nobody else to blame. It’s literally torture.”

Oh, yeah, did we mention that she’s…ON A BOAT! And that she’d do well to remember the wise words of The Lonely Island, “I'm ridin on a dolphin, doin flips and shit This dolphin's splashin, gettin e'rybody all wet But this ain't Seaworld, this is real as it gets I'm on a boat motherfucker, don't you ever forget.”