Do you know who Maggie Q is? She was the unfeasibly good looking spy in the red dress in Mission Impossible 3, which is a greatly underrated film, by the way. Watch it again - or for the first time if you've never watched it. Maggie Q also has the lead role in the new TV series Nikita, playing an assassin. Excellent. Apparently, she is FAR too sexy in the posters for this series and numerous shopping malls are refusing to post them. Let's do a test. Look at this poster:

Maggie Q sexy Nikita poster

Have your morals been all messed up? Are you unable to go about your usual working day because the power of Maggie Q's overwhelming carnal superiority has reduced you to a gibbering, pant-grabbing mess?

Maggie Q red dress Nikita

Or did you just think, 'she looks pretty hot', and then carry on with what you were doing previously? Please write in with your findings. But don't write in to us because we're not conducting any kind of proper survey and will most likely just chuck them in the bin. Have a lovely day. Do something nice for someone, then have a cake.

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