Greece has been having a pretty rough time of it recently. First their economy collapsed and they had to be bailed out by Germany, then they lost to South Korea in their first World Cup game, then some guy in Bristol called Jason bought some feta cheese from Tesco and didn’t even get round to opening it before it went off in the fridge and he had to throw it away. Come on Jason, give the Greeks a break. But as the cliché goes: every cloud has Maria Menounos on it. Or something. Here she is with another lady:

Maria Menounos is a 32-year-old Greek actress/journalist/model person who presented the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and is apparently a big fan of uploading pictures of herself in a bikini to her Twitter account. Kind of like Terry Wogan but without a big dick and millions of pounds. Here she is in a circle on top of a picture of a bedroom: