Marion Cotillard is one of the female leads in Inception, the new film by Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight. It's really good. Amazingly good, in fact. It's even better than when you wake up on a Saturday thinking it's a Monday and then realise you're totally wrong and just stay in bed all day. It's definitely better than putting on brand new pants, even if ones that have been on the radiator first. They'll probably put that quote on the film's poster. Anyway, Marion Cotillard was at the premiere last night and she is really, properly beautiful. See her lovely French face?

Marion Cotillard at the Inception premiere

She doesn't do short dress, 'check out my boobs' sexy – she just walks around looking all extraordinary and probably smelling really lovely, like warm grass and vanilla. She doesn't need to try hard, she's already bloody brilliant. Here she is just standing around, being all bloody brilliant.

Marion Cotillard at the Inception premiere, full length

Yes, you might well laugh, Marion Cotillard. You are, as the great French philosopher Baudrillard once said, "well good".

Marion Cotillard at the LA premiere of Inception

Now watch the Inception trailer. Then see when it comes out on Friday. Or you could see it on Sunday. Depends what you've already got planned.


Now, if you so choose, you can enjoy more Marion Cotillard photos in this gallery. What a day.