Everyone is good at something, as out dear old mum used to tell us. Marisa Miller is very good at looking hot, but we hope her mum never told her that, because that would be a bit wrong.

Marisa is probably good at other things than just looking especially sexy at ESPY Awards. We don't actually know what these things are but we'll hazard a guess at water polo and perhaps flipping a coin across her knuckles. She doesn't tend to do that very much though, as it would make her look like a 50's gangster, which isn't very sexy.

The kind of sexy Marisa Miller was aiming for today was the 'over the shoulder sex stare' this move makes everyone look precisely 23% more sexy, except owls, who look a little scary instead.

The ESPY awards commemorate the achievements of the best people at being kicky, hitty and runny in American sport. When say runny, we mean running. Not the best people at having the runs after a dodgy curry, or anything weird like that.

As you should know, Marisa Miller came out top of the global FHM polls for the Sexiest Women In The World. Did you know that? If you didn't hang you head in shame now...

You can now look up, well we hope you are looking up, because if you don't, you can't read this and look at Marisa Miller on the cover of this month's FHM. Plus you'll look quite odd staring at your shoes because the computer told you to.

Here is the awesome video from Marisa's shoot, complete with lawnmower and other dull amenities which are made incredibly sexy by her presence. 




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Marisa Miller in the August issue of FHM

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