Marisa Miller, official Sexiest Woman in the World, is in the new adverts for Harley Davidson, proving incontrovertibly that if you ride a motorbike you will become irresistible to insanely attractive women*.

We like to fully believe everything advertising tells us, so we are now entirely confident that when Marisa looks directly at us with her hair all sexily blowing around and her boobs hoiked up in the world's luckiest bra, she is telling us that she will be our girlfriend if only we bought a shiny new motorbike. We are now saving for a shiny new motorbike. We so far have 9p and several Tic Tacs. We know in our hearts that Marisa will wait.

There are more photos at the Harley Davidson website. But you probably shouldn't bother looking at them. Marissa chose us, so BACK OFF.

Can you believe we got through that whole story without making a lame gag about 'choppers' or 'pumps'? We are mature.

*N.B. This does not apply to all two-wheeled vehicles. When we rode our BMX through the park, none of the best looking girls even looked our way. All that happened was a gang of youths threw a milkshake at us. Perhaps it was the streamers on our handle bars, who knows?

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