Marisa Miller appeared in an advert, which involved writhing around and pretending to play Guitar Hero. But Marisa Miller jiggling around in her underwear was considered too bloody sexy for the younglings the game was intended for. So they banished Marisa's advert from telly, calling it 'too-hot-for-TV'.

So they chose Hedi Klum jumping around with no trousers on instead. Which is obviously much more suitable. We can't actually see what was  wrong with Marisa's video. Apart from the fact she looks like a fat child banging their cutlery on the table demanding cake, rather than someone playing the drums.

This is what they chose in the end:



But in true Bullseye style, here's what they could have had:  



And just as a bonus, this is what the advert looked like for Guitar Hero 5 with loads of Playboy models. Just what Guitar Hero needs to advertise it, a good, wholesome family brand.