Mary Elizabeth Winstead is lovely. She is also in the new movie Scott Pilgrim, in which she plays Ramona, the beloved of the titular Scott. She has seven evil exes whom Scott must defeat in order to be allowed to marry her. True story: Mary Elizabeth was in our office yesterday, just 15 feet away from where we sit. She was doing something at Empire magazine. She didn't come over and say hello. Bit rude, but forgiven. Anyway, last night she was at the premiere for Scott Pilgrim, looking lovely.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead at the Scott Pilgrim premiere

There is some debate in the office over whether Mary Elizabeth looks better in Scott Pilgrim or in real, actual life. The picture below-left is how she looks in Scott Pilgrim, below-right is how she looks in real life. Maybe it depends on whether or not you're into girls who work in Forbidden Planet.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Whatever your opinion, there is no debating that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a very beautiful woman. Here is some irrefutable proof of same. Exhibit A:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the red carpet

And Exhibit B:

Mary Elizabeth

The defence rests, yeronner.