We went to see Kick-Ass the other night. We aren’t allowed to talk about it yet, without getting sued. The fact that we're already mentioning it is not a sign of how excited we are, nor is that a sign of how amazing a film it is, because – of course – we can’t say that.

Instead let’s talk about someone in the film called Lyndsy Fonseca. She is amazing. Until now her only fame has been achieved through How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives. Because we were too busy swilling beer and picking our belly buttons with the joysticks of our PS3 controllers, we missed those shows. We were really missing out.

So that you don’t suffer the same fate and miss her on a giant screen looking breath-taking in Kick-Ass, we prepared a profile and gallery so you can get to know her first. That way seeing her in the film will be all you live for between now and when it’s out on 26 March.