Transformers had giants robots, explosions, fighter planes and Megan. The second instalment, Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen has all that again but with more robots and bigger action. But how - we hear you ask - are they going to upgrade Megan's sexiness from her now world famous, 'leant over the bonnet scene'. This is how:


So in preparation for the sexiest event of the year, we have composed a gallery in the hope that it will cut down on out-of-control stalkers who lose their minds after seeing Megan in hotpants. That's right more Megan mean less crime - we're all give. That's not the only advantage. In these economically troubled times and heated summers it's time for girls to budget their wardrobe, and what better way than wearing cut-offs. They're only for weird blokes and cheapskates some might say. To those people - this gallery should change your mind.

If you're a lady reader and have some holiday snaps wearing cut-offs - or lack of - you will be ahead of the curve to win the latest £10,000 Holiday Honeys competition.