Before looking at the image below, be warned: It features Megan Fox in her underwear and could feasibly destroy your mind. Megan Fox would still be in the top ten women if all time if she were wearing a boiler suit made of rotting roadkill and covered in weeping scabs. So putting her in a corset, stockings and nothing else is, frankly, dangerous. The axe is a little weird but we're going to ignore it. Maybe she's off to chop some wood for her fire, sexily.

The photo is a shot from the upcoming movie Jonah Hex, a comic book adaptation in which the always awesome Josh Brolin plays a bounty hunter with heavy facial scarring that makes him look like a grilled scrotum. Megan Fox plays a prostitute with an allergy to wearing many clothes (hooray!) who helps him in his latest quest to stop a terrorist (John Malkovich) from destroying the world. Hey look, there's a trailer for the film below. What are the chances?!

Now let's revisit Megan Fox lolling around in Armani underwear because it will make us all feel happy on a Monday. Now, please, go about your week refreshed and painfully aroused.



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