Megan Fox is back. Not that she actually went anywhere. But it seemed that since Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took over in uber-blockbuster Transformers 3, that Megan was on her way out. Well, mark us relieved and hot under our already sweaty collars, because these pictures have made our bloody day.

Megan is at the premier of Jonah Hex, where she plays a gun-toting prostitute (awesome), wearing what can only be described as a dress, because that's what it is. It's red, it's flashing leg and a staggering amount of Fox's boobs. What more could you ask for on a Friday? To actually see the pictures and for us to stop blabbering on about them. Well okay then, here you go.

Here Megan is making a hand gesture, probably saying "I'm number one." Or perhaps she needs a number one (a wee to you and me) but is too lovely to say it. Who cares look at her legs! We could write another article just about those legs. But we won't.

Megan seems to have a big rose tied in to the middle of her dress, not that you were looking at that, were you? You dirty birds.

Here is the trailer for Jonah Hex, which will almost certainly be awful, but still... MEGAN FOX. Isn't that enough?


And finally here is a gallery of Megan Fox in another amazing red dress.