It’s easy to take Megan Fox looking hot for granted. She does it with such alarming regularity it’s easy to forget that, sometimes, she has to take a dump. Thankfully, Megan Fox’s acting career means it’s her job to dress up as and pretend to be different people, so we’re guaranteed to see her looking hot in a different way to her normal ways of looking hot, at least once a year. Like in this poster for Megan Fox’s new film Jonah Hex:

What we now know, is that Megan Fox looks amazing in a corset. Here’s another example:

Jonah Hex, meanwhile, stars Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender and might be good. Then again, it might be bad. Oh piss off, it’s Friday.

And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves next Thursday, June 3. It looks like this:

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