Megan Fox will not be appearing in the third Transformers movie. Sad face. There are conflicting reports over whether Megan was pushed or whether she jumped. Deadline Hollywood Daily says that director Michael Bay chose not to bring Megan back after she criticised him in a number of interviews, comparing him to Hitler, among other things. Megan's agent released a statement saying it was Megan's decision not to return. Mad Old Fred on the corner said "THE SQUIRRELS ARE PLOTTING" but he drinks and is mad and sleeps in a wheely bin, so we don't know why we bothered to ask him.

We'll be honest, this is a major blow for the series. The first film was kind of great because it had massive killer robots and Megan Fox showing a vest and mini-skirt what they were made for. The second film was kind of terrible because it had so many robots that we had no idea what was going on, and there was disappointingly little Megan Fox. Is there an amount of giant robots that can compensate for total lack of Megan Fox? We don't know, we're not big Hollywood producers.

There are already rumours that Gemma Arterton, Bar Refaeli, Brooklyn Decker and Miranda Kerr (hooray!) are in the running to replace Megan in the movie. But will they replace her in our hearts? Possibly, we're pretty fickle.

Let's remember Megan Fox in happier, more underweary times.

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