Until last year this 27-year-old model was famous for little else than being incredibly hot (not that that's a bad thing) and dating Orlando Bloom. But the Sydneysider's googling potential has skyrocketed after a hapless bank worker was caught ogling images of her on a live TV news show during work hours. Observe:

Ha! The resulting internet furore to save his job made a star of David Kiely and gave the flaxen-haired Aussie Kerr a chance to stake her place on bookmark bars worldwide. The result - that Kerr now beep-beeps on our radar at least three times a week and it never gets annoying - is testament to the fixation we now have on the woman. This is her latest underwear shoot for Victoria's Secret. The images below are our favourite snapshot moments. Things are getting heavy.

 Miranda Kerr wearing a grey bra

Miranda Kerr stripping

Miranda Kerr wearing bra and pants

Miranda Kerr in her underwear

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