Ah Miranda Kerr, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

We love you this way, all leggy on a photo shoot in New York (yeah, hi to you too, Miranda Kerr).

Miranda Kerr New York Legs

We love you this way, just casually flipping your hair around like the very picture of the perfect, relaxed girlfriend.

Miranda Kerr New York Umbrella

We also love you just holding a balloon. Everybody loves balloons.

Miranda Kerr New York Balloon

We also love you when all your clothes fall off.

And we love you when you make rainbows with Bar Refaeli.

We totally love you when you're just generally amazing.

And we really love you when you try on bikinis while being a bit silly.


That's at least eight ways in which we love you, Miranda Kerr. That is A LOT.