It has, by our count, been nearly two weeks since we last posted any pictures of Miranda Kerr. That is unacceptable and we go only humbly apologise and offer to cook you a nice dinner some time to make it up to you. Maybe a stew or something. Nothing fancy.

We don't know what these photos are for (we found them via Popoholic) but they show Miranda in various swimsuits and in various stages of wetness, so maybe they were just produced to make this Wednesday pretty special. We can probably all agree that it has totally worked.

In this picture Miranda is looking at you - YOU - as if to say you should probably join her in the pool. It's nice and warm; stop being such a square.

See, she is showing you how nice and warm it is. What is wrong with you?

Now she's drying off by the side of the pool, or possibly on some rocky outcrop. Perhaps these were taken on a different day. Who knows?

Four Miranda Kerr highlights from the FHM archive:

1/ Miranda Kerr goes Down Under in a swimsuit

2/ Miranda Kerr is completely naked

3/ Miranda Kerr is still looking amazing

4/ Miranda Kerr and Bar Refaeli can make rainbows

And here is Miranda Kerr wearing some more bikinis. She's like a professor of bikini-wearing.