Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr seems to be everywhere at the moment, which is good because there's a lot of stuff everywhere that just doesn't need to be there, like pigeons and dust and people who aren't Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr is loads better than all these things.

First she was advertising perfume with some other beautiful women. Then she went to the beach with Bar Refaeli. Then she was wearing a sexy little dress. She is literally the hardest working person in the whole world. She works even harder than worker ants and postmen. She is amazing.

The latest place that Miranda Kerr is is in Elle (that sentence was gramatically amazing). She's part of the magazine's Body Issue, which is all about something something blah-blah something to do with celebrating your body. Anyway, she looks fantastic. Hooray for Miranda Kerr!

See all the many ways in which she can look fantastic:

1/ She can look fantastic while posing as a secretary who had her skirt stolen in a sexy mugging.

2/ She can look fantastic while pulling up her t-shirt and showing off a watch at the same time. This is not easily done.

3/ She can look fantastic while stretching one leg up in the air. It is very important to stretch, so that you don't pull a muscle while being all sexy.

Look, she can also change bikinis instantly. She is magic! Bravo, Miranda Kerr. You are the best Miranda Kerr ever!