26-year-old Aussie mega model Miranda Kerr has done a racy shoot for the super trendy magazine Numero #114. The shoot see’s her exposing her threepenny bits and dressing as a nun. So far so good right? Wrong. They’ve totally ignored the fact that Kerr is one of the most staggeringly natural beauties on the planet. You could look at her through a sandwich bag full of sick and you’d still think ‘mmm, I’d like to smell her hair…’ What is it with high-end fashion?

As you’ll see in the below video, they’ve taken arguably the most attractive of the Victorias Secret Angels, alongside FHM’s Global Sexiest Woman in the world Marisa Miller, and made her look like Ziggy Stardust ere David Bowie. Yeah, nice one ART! True some of the shots are pretty racy. The school-girl get up with cello for instance, the nun in the subway. All have sexy merit. But to be honest, and we might be being old fashioned here, but we like nothing more than seeing Kerr frolicking on a beach. Bikini clad and enjoying the sun. Because not only is she beautiful looking, she’s beautifully healthy. Imagine it, you’re hungover, standing at the fridge in the kitchen ready to sate your hunger by biting into a block of Cathedral City extra mature cheddar, when Kerr, back from an early morning swim, knocks it out of your hand. ‘Baby, you don’t need that! Here have some goji berries.’ At first you resent her. Then you forgive her. Look her eyes…full of hope and trust.


FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves NOW! It looks like this:

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