Katrina Hodge, in case you didn't know, was in the army, as Lance Corporal Hodge and even served in Iraq. More importantly, she was also in our July edition of FHM.

Well, the sexy soldier managed to win the Miss England competition and is now recruiting some special new lovelies at a 'boot camp' in Birmingham.

That's right, it couldn't smell more of a PR stunt unless they had Miss England written all over their arses. Oh look, they did.

So, as you can see, Miss England contestants are very good at looking nice, but not that great at running around being in the army. Perhaps that's why their not in the army.

Although somehow there was a winner from the day - Miss Newark and District (which is an awful name to give your child if you ask us).

The young blonde nabbed a sash and a crown, which all these gals seem to go crazy for. See we're prefer a nice cape and a septer when we achieve something, but that's probably all down to personal preference.

And here is Miss England - Katrina Hodge. She is the one wearing the crown and sash in case that wasn't absoloutely obvious to you.

Here a soldier is posing for a photo, where he is pretending to tell off one of the Miss England contestants. The girl with the white top and dark hair looks like she it taking it all very seriously. 

And here is what Katrina looks like in lingerie on our awesome FHM shoot. Well done us, well done her, well done you, for having eyes and looking with them.

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