Nadine Coyle was at a party in LA yesterday to celebrate Microsoft's new Kinect system for Xbox 360 (that's the one that used to be called Natal and involves you waving yourself around like a berk instead of using a controller). This makes her a beautiful woman who is kind of into video games, which makes her the best type of woman.

Nadine is currently preparing a solo record in America. It will apparently be out in the next few months. Nadine plans to break America with her solo material. She has a very good singing voice but she also has an extremely thick (and curiously alluring) Derry accent, which Americans might find hard to understand, as they famously do not understand any accents at all.

Here is how an American interview with Nadine Coyle might go:

Interviewer: "So, Nadine, you have made an album. That sounds good. Tell me about your album"

Nadine: "Way-ull, ey desayded tuh may-uk an ulbum becuz ey leyk sung'n sohngs, so ey duy. Ey bloody love sohngs und sung'n. Uht's in mey blod. Girrls Alide wuz gray-ut, but ey rully wunt to duy mey own stoff becuz ey'm the best sung-uh. But uhnough abite me, hi arr yuy anyways?

Interviewer: "I love lamp"

This is just an artist's impression. This is not based on an actual interview with Nadine Coyle.