Bar Refaeli and Naomi Campbell were on a boat together. Oh, wait, interlude:

Love that. Anyway, Bar Refaeli and Naomi Campbell were on a boat. The boat was in Sardinia, where they were holidaying in the ultra-flash Porto Cervo resort. Campbell was taking a break from her tiresome war crimes trial and Bar Refaeli was helping boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio to relax after someone ripped a comically large hole in the Inception plot and posted it on the internet. Interlude #2:


Which leaves us, slightly anticlimactically, to the pictures. Here’s Naomi Campbell thinking about getting into the sea, and then doing it:

 Naomi Campbell diamonds

Naomi Campbell

And here’s Bar Refaeli doing exactly the same thing, just wearing a different coloured bikini and accessorising with a big pair of goggles instead of a bendy foam thing.

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli in a pink bikini

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