Two Megan Fox stories in one morning (here is the other)? What is this, No, it is - read the url. But Megan Fox is consistently incredible and you need to be kept up to date on this stuff. Megan Fox is in another Armani underwear campaign. This is news. See, how good does she look in this picture? 11-good, that's how good.

Megan Fox has been the face and body of Armani underwear since last year. FHM has been the chubby body of Gap underwear with disappointingly unresilient elastic since about 1998. Megan Fox wins. Let's look back on some of Megan's previous Armani photos.

Lovely. Let's have another one.

Great. Shall we watch a video of Megan Fox wearing some Armani pants? Why not, it's bloody Friday.


Megan has recently been replaced in Transformers 3 by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who also wears underwear, but for Victoria's Secret. Clearly this is some kind of war between the two women over who can wear the most bras and run away from the most robots. In years to come the history books will call it The Big Sexy War of Stuff.

Four Megan Fox highlights from the FHM archive:

1/ Megan Fox in denim shorts

2/ Megan Fox's 2008 FHM cover shoot

3/ Megan Fox in the bath

4/ Megan Fox in a corset in Jonah Hex