We first fell in love with Miss Bullock when she popped onto our screens behind the wheel of an out-of-control, bomb-strapped bus alongside Keanu Reeves in Speed.

Since then, she's starred in a few dubious efforts but, none the less, she was stuck in our minds like glue. Glue that managed to get even stickier in our heads when she turned up in Miss Congeniality and cemented her place as one of the sexiest funny ladies in Hollywood.

And then she did Gravity and we saw her writhing around in space in skimpy astro-shorts and we loved her even more. Despite the fact that in the same role also made us so dizzy we were sick three times.

And now she's topped the list of Hollywood's highest-earning female stars. Sterling work Bullock, sterling work.

Here's ten GIF reasons that explain exactly how she does it...


01 Nobody does walking montages quite like her.


02 She managed to make this bit of klutzyness look hot.


03 She makes a mockery of all size-related conversations but you still don't feel bad.


04 She never takes anyone's shit.


05 She knows exactly which direction she's going in.


06 This. Just this.


07 Even hot in a space hat.


08 Greatest attitude face ever.


09 *SIGH*


10 She always leaves you wanting more.