It’s sad when our favourite bands break up. We still remember when Take That went their separate ways and all the girls sat in the playground clutching their Mark Owen dolls and crying. It was awful. Mainly because we weren’t allowed to shed a tear too. Apparently it wasn't ‘cool’ for boys.

We don’t know if Girls Aloud have broken up, but they definitely don’t spend much time together anymore. Between Nadine and Nicola releasing solo songs, Sarah getting married, Cheryl getting back with Ashley then not getting back with Ashley and Kimberley doing whatever it is that Kimberley does, they’ve probably not had much time to record songs and that. 

Totally busy. This is streamlined posing, twice as much in half the time
Hopefully though, if these pictures of them hanging out at the Horrid Henry film premiere are anything to go by, at least three of them are still committed to the band. And, if we’re honest, they are our favourite three. 
It’s not that we don’t like Nadine and Cheryl, it’s just they spend so much time in America that we feel it necessary to mentally prepare ourselves if they decide to do a Cat Deeley and stay there permanently. 

"We lost Nicola. Anyone seen her? Anyone?"
We’re still mad at Cat for that, Saturday morning television was never the same after she left. It was all Dick and Dom in a bungalow (no, not 'da' bungalow, Dick and Dom, 'A' bungalow). There was no more of the refined sophistication that Cat brought to the airwaves. SM:TV Live was an affair accompanied by milk in a martini glass and cereal in a bowl of pure silver. Those were the days.
Anyways, fingers crossed Nadine and Cheryl won’t be traitors and move to America. And fingers doubly crossed they’ll be up for a Girls Aloud reunion. But, if not, Kimberley, Nicola and Sarah will do us just fine.

Look out, Nicola! The sun!