There’s only one thing better than a hot Victoria’s Secret model wearing tight clothing and chatting pleasantly with the camera, and that’s a hot Victoria’s Secret model doing all of the above whilst wearing angel wings.

One like Lily Alridge, above

Actually, there are some things that are marginally better. Like when you stagger out of a club at half past one on a stuffy July night and there’s room in the smoking area out back, and you drink up the cool night air and smoke like a champion.

Or, for example, when you discover unexpected biscuits on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the back of the cupboard. Or getting an eleven-kill streak in Black Ops and piloting a gunship around the map, raining down rocket-based destruction on your enemies. Or a really good pie.

Like steak and kidney, not cherry, you understand

But when you can’t get hold of late-night cigarettes, surprise biscuits, gunships or pie, then we guess the Victoria’s Secret girls will have to do. Oh well.

The video above (which you should have watched, by the way, go back and watch it if you haven’t) features – you guessed it – Victoria’s Secret girls wearing angel wings and having a bit of a chat about what sort of angel they are.

Candice Swanepoel is a coy angel, apparently

We were expecting Alessandra Ambrosio to be all like “Oh man, I’m one of the Seraphim! I burn with the light of our Lord God, and my passion exalts others onto higher glory! Plus I have six wings.” Or maybe Adriana Lima might say that “I’m definitely one of the Ophanim! I’m a series of wheels covered in eyes that propel the chariot of our Lord through the heavens!"

Go Team Seraphim!

But no, these aren’t proper angels. Humph. They just talk about how lovely they are (and, well, they are fairly lovely) and at about 0.28, Candice Swanepoel does this thing with her eyes that makes us feel funny. Watch it, you’ll see.

Also, why not watch this video of them walking around in their underwear? Make sure to put it on mute though, it’s got that numpty Akon warbling all over the top of it: