2013's mind-melting FHM 100 Sexiest. Who will top the list for 2014?

Posted by , 29 April 2013

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2013 POSITION: 01
2012 POSITION: 09

And the winner. Of the title. Of Sexiest Woman. In the World. 2013... iiiiis...

Miss Mila Kunis! (Cue rapturous applause, 21-gun salute, Red Arrows flyover.)

In some ways, it feels like Mila’s been around forever, growing up alongside us and constantly enriching all our lives with her ever-increasing attractiveness. From her role as teenage strumpet Jackie in That ’70s Show (which now feels so long ago that it may as well have actually been broadcast in the ’70s) to her awards-bagging Black Swan performance (in which she crossed tongues with Natalie Portman), she’s always been there – a reliable source of easygoing elfin sexiness in a world of pain, sorrow, stubbed toes and no phone signal.

But what was the catalyst that sent Mila’s 100 Sexiest votes sky-rocketing in 2013? Was it Ted, in which she once again came across as the most perfect girlfriend imaginable? Maybe it was that viral video of Mila graciously calming a newbie radio reporter who was disintegrating into a stammering, starstruck mess before her very eyes?  

Whatever it was that tipped you over the edge, you’ll find no argument from us. Whoever takes the crown in 2014 has some big, sexy shoes to fill.

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