Kate Beckinsale and 9 other women we can't believe are 40

Posted by , 17 June 2013



Name: Tyra Lynne Banks

Age: 39 (40 in December)

Why we love her: Tyra Banks has modelled all over the world for almost every retail/commercial brand from Yves Saint Laurent to McDonalds. She officially retired from modelling when she stormed her last Victoria's Secret Catwalk show in 2005 and since then has been all over our TVs as a presenter.

Tyra caused controversy during her modelling career for being the first African American to grace the cover of GQ and Sports Illustrated, as well as being a high fashion model with a distinctively large chest, which has been rumoured to be surgically enhanced. It isn't and she proved this by taking off her bra, live on The Tyra Banks show.

Let's hear it for the ability to be sexy and slightly terrifying at the same time!

Tyra Banks GIF


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