Kate Beckinsale and 9 other women we can't believe are 40

Posted by , 17 June 2013



Name: Gwyneth Paltrow

Age: 40

Why we love her: Gwyneth has now finally drifted into the land of the middle-aged (after being 34 years old for what seems like a decade-and-a-half) – and that makes us fancy her more than ever

Why? Well, because behind that nice-lady smile and sensible hairdo, Paltrow has always secretly been muckier than a drunken nun on a hen weekend. In roughly half of the movies she's appeared in, she's rocked an eye-popping, bed-rocking nude scene  – and we're not just talking a fleeting bap-flash, we're talking bum-flaps, front-bottoms, spider's-legs, the works.

The fact that Gwyneth is now a 40-year-old mum-of-two with a soppy-wet husband and an overstuffed bank account, and yet is still up for flashing her ya-yas and pulling an oooh-face whenever anyone so much as points a camera at her... well, we don't mind saying it: that makes us feel a bit funny in our under-bits.

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