2013's mind-melting FHM 100 Sexiest. Who will top the list for 2014?

Posted by , 29 April 2013


2013 POSITION: 06

2012 POSITION: 56


With E4 cranking out episodes of The Big Bang Theory with the same pummelling, on-a-loop intensity it used to apply to Friends, it was only a matter of time before Kaley Cuoco earned herself a placing in the fabled 100 Sexiest top 10.

Like you, we've found that almost-daily exposure to Cuoco's portrayal of TBBT's Penny has resulted in us developing a crush on her so all-consuming that it will probably follow us to our graves.

We now all live with the (slightly pathetic) hope that a perfect-10 bombshell will move in opposite us and also find out gaming addiction and social cack-handedness inexplicably irresistible.

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2013's top 100


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