Kate Beckinsale and 9 other women we can't believe are 40

Posted by , 17 June 2013



Name: Cameron Michelle Diaz

Age: 40

Why we love her: In the Farrelly Brothers’ wondrous 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary, everyone falls for Cameron Diaz’s character, even if she does use Ben Stiller’s man-paste as hair gel.

She’s just that special, a mesmerising blend of playful, ditzy, awkward and really, really sexy, the kind of girl who looks as good in jeans and T-shirt as she does in a little black dress.

15 years later, we still can't get enough of her. She's one of the most successful 100 Sexiest entrants of all time and, from being a bit wet in The Mask to a bit bum-dancey in Charlie's Angels to a bit naughty in Bad Teacher, we do not doubt that she will continue to set alight the loins of young men everywhere.

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