Today is Lady Gaga's birthday and she continues to be every bit the indecisive sexy oddity. On one hand, she’s weird and slightly terrifying. Anybody that thinks it’s acceptable to wear a dress made entirely of meat isn’t exactly the sort of lady you want to introduce to your mum over Sunday dinner.

Yet, at the same time, there is still something oddly hot about her. Call it a nervous crush but whilst she might scare the tighty whitys off us there’s definitely something oddly attractive that makes us sit up straight.

Here’s ten times she was sexy in a terrifying way….

01  That time she danced like Mr Motivator in a rap video wearing this…

02  When she got angsty on a piano.

03  When she did this single cover

04  When she ate this banana

05  When her and Beyonce became best friends

06  When she was in prison

07  When she made The Matrix look like a blinging rap video

08  Whatever the hell this was

09  When she outlicked Miley Cyrus

10  When she made a statement about celebrity or fame or something but was still hot

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