A new red band trailer for the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has turned up and it's pretty damn sexy:

Not only does it star the likes of Rosario Dawson...

A super naked Eva Green...

And, of course, the almighty Jessica Alba...

...but Lady Gaga makes a surprise appearance as a waitress.

Now, if ever there was a sexy weirdo to divide opinion, it's the artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta. And we think she's a great inclusion in the black-and-white batshit world of Sin City.

Don't agree?

Here are ten times she was undeniably sexy:

01  That time she danced like Mr Motivator in a rap video wearing this…

02  When she got angsty on a piano.

03  When she did this single cover

04  When she ate this banana

05  When her and Beyonce became best friends

06  When she was in prison

07  When she made The Matrix look like a blinging rap video

08  Whatever the hell this was

09  When she outlicked Miley Cyrus

10  When she made a statement about celebrity or fame or something but was still hot