Helen Flanagan has had a pretty rough time of late.

She was confronted by armed raiders who broke into her house, she receives endless hate on Twitter and she's constantly hounded by the paps, looking for any excuse to throw up some bad press about her.

That's a lot of shit for anyone to take, let alone a 22-year-old young woman.. So here's 10 reasons why we think Helen is bloody brilliant and deserves a bit of love right now...

01 She was in Corrie for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS.

You don't rack up that kind of telly time without having some decent acting chops. 

02 This year, she was voted the Sexiest Woman In The UK.

Helen Flanagan at the FHM 100 Sexiest party

03 She's got a bubbly, bouncy personality.

Helen Flanagan GIF

04 She's pretty good at that modelling malarkey too.


05 She's got some seriously hot friends.

Kelly Brook tweets Helen

Helen Flanagan tweets Michelle

06 She makes reality TV actually worth watching.

Helen Flanagan and Ashley Roberts

07 She does charity work.

Helen Flanagan for PETA

08 She makes an FHM cover look brilliant.

Helen on the cover of FHM

09 She doesn't take herself too seriously.

Helen Flanagan on Instagram

via Helen's Instagram.

10 She's not afraid to be a little bit daring.

Helen Flanagan Corrie GIF