"Before They Were Famous" posts are generally ten a penny. But we're not interested in the "Oh look, Brad Pitt was still better looking than us even during those awkward teenage years" or "Wow, young Russell Brand has got a MASSIVE head!" photos.

We don't want that. We want the equivalent of the embarrassing family photos. The cringey, having-a-bath-in-the-sink shots. Ok, maybe not that.

But these adverts from some of Hollywood's hottest, before they were famous, are pretty much the closest, and least creepy, bet.

01 Naomi Watts – Tampax

naomi watts

In later life she blew our mind in David Lynch's mindcluster job Mullholland Drive, with her sexy (yet highly confusing) lesbian antics. Before that though, she was doing ads for Tampax...


02 Sarah Michelle Gellar – Burger King

Everyone's favourite high-school vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, hasn't always been the 90s pin-up that we all remember her as. She was actually a promising child actor too, for Burger King.


03 Evangeline Lilly - Live Links Single Hotline

The vast majority of us probably first discovered Evangeline Lilly when she turned up as (spoiler alert) sexy convict, Kate Austen in infamously confusing TV show, Lost.

A select few of the more nocturnal amongst us might also remember her from her groundbreaking apearance in this ad for a dating hotline.


04 Mila Kunis – Telephone Tammy doll

The ultimate cute and bloody gorgeous girl next door, Mila Kunis shot to fame in That 70s Show before capturing our hearts for good by doing the dirty with Natalie Portman in Black Swan and becoming a 'friend with benefits' with Justin Timberlake.

Long before that though she was terrifying children everywhere with this advert for a talking doll.


05 Lindsay Lohan - Jello

Remember when Lindsay Lohan wasn't such a sexy badass intent on just running around breaking rules and stuff? It's difficult isn't it?

Luckilly we have this advert for Jello to remind us, try not to be distracted by Bill Cosby's amazing rap and see if you can spot her.


06 Jennifer Lawrence – My Super Sweet 16

Potentially the best member of the X-Men ever and #74 in FHM's 100 Sexiest 2012 - Jennifer got her breakthrough in this stunning piece of My Super Sweet 16 drama. Mind blowing.

07 Ashley Tisdale – T-Mobile

Before becoming the world's most perfect squeaky-clean role-model courtesy of High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale was mostly just famous for kicking off about her mobile phone in this T-Mobile advert. We feel your pain Miss Tisdale, we feel your pain.


08 Taylor Momsen – Shake ‘N Bake

taylor momsen

The chances are that Taylor Momsen probably first caught your eye as the spiky rich-girl Jenny Humphrey in mucky teen drama Gossip Girl. Or as the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless when she caused the Daily Mail to get itself into a massive tizzy by appearing onstage with nought but thin strips of tape across her nips.

But she's not always been a quasi-goth seductress, oh no, she was also once a Shake N' Bake TV hero.


09 Salma Hayek – Burger Boy


The first time we noticed Salma Hayek she was doing a snakey striptease in vampire flick From Dusk Til Dawn.

Luckilly we saw her in that long before we discovered this advert for Burger Boy, otherwise we'd have found her a lot less terrifying and sexy.


10 Sofia Vergara – Bally Fitness


Best known for playing uber-hot and hilarious Latino mum Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the US series Modern Family.

Before going global playing Latina mum Gloria in Modern Family, the columbian actress was first discovered by a photographer on a beach in Columbia, which scooped her a modelling deal and this advert. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.