The 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2013 issue is now in the shops! The winner result may not have been a huge surprise to some, since Mila was in the top 10 last year and has continued to gain popularity and, well, become sexier.

Mila jumped from #9 in 2012 to #1 in 2013. Impressive though that may be, which sexy stars made the biggest leaps this year.

Kaley Cuoco

Let's be honest, it was only a matter of time before Kaley Cuoco ended up in the top 10. Jumping up a whole 50 places, we'd like to thank E4 for pumping out Big Bang Theory like there's no tomorrow and giving us more Penny action than we could ever have dreamed of.

jennifer Lawrence

We've already proclaimed our love for Jennifer Lawrence at least once, ok, maybe twice this year so far. She's had an outstanding year, bagging a Best Actress Oscar at the age of just 22. She hasn't even taken acting lessons. Oh, and she's bloody gorgeous. No wonder she's moved up a 54 places.


Laura Whitmore

Laura first appeared on our covers back in September 2011. Nowadays, you'll find her on such shows as I'm A Celebrity, the BRIT Awards and Celebrity Juice. Look out, world. Moving up this year's list by a whole 58 places, Whitmore is on her way to the top.

Jorgie Porter

You saw Jorgie's cover issue last September, right? We have no doubt that the sexy poolside shots and cheeky ice-cream antics contributed to her sudden surge in popularity. How much of a surge? 73 places to be precise.

Rita Ora

This year's highest riser in the UK is Jay-Z protégée, Rita Ora. She's moved all the way from 94 to 15 and we think it might have something to do with the fact she's the best thing to happen to the UK charts in ages. And that smile. And the fact she's like our very own Rihanna, but we don't have to give her a curfew.

Taylor Swift

2013's highest riser shouldn't come as a surprise. Transforming from cutesy, wholesome country singer to sexy, tabloid-titillatiing superstar, Taylor Swift has enjoyed her most successful year ever. That most epic of costume changes at this year's BRIT Awards will know doubt have contributed to her epic rise from #99 last year to #12 in 2013. It turns out we like a good girl gone bad.