With Wimbledon officially underway, who better to induct into the 100 Sexiest Hall of Fame than Anna Kournikova: legendary Russian ball-basher and former FHM Sexiest Woman In The World?

Perhaps you don't remember that win. It was back in 2002, when Brazil lifted their fifth World Cup in Japan, our dear old Queen celebrated 50 years on the throne and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was sending people to sleep in cinemas around the world.

33-year-old Anna might not have been the top female tennis player in her time but gosh-darnit she was the most recognisable. By that, we mean "most gazed-at by men with dribble on their chins."

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Back in Google's early days, Anna actually topped the most-searched rankings, helped by that pap shot of her checking her bikini bottoms for sand. You know the one.

And her rise to 100 Sexiest fame was no doubt helped by her sultry appearance in Escape, the music video where she would meet her partner of the past 13 years, Enrique Iglesias. 

We don't know about you, but casting a pretty girl in your music video so that you have an excuse to get off with her is a very wise move indeed, so hats off to Enrique for that. 

In FHM 100 Sexiest's 20 year history, Anna has graced the list an impressive 11 times and is the first and only athlete to ever top it. That's why she comes in at #8 in our All-Time Top 20, which you can see in full in this month's mag.

And here are a few more pretty outstanding reasons...