We present to you, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the queen bee of FHM 100 Sexiest: Jennifer Aniston.

She's the girl of every man's dreams. The timeless sexpot. Many would even proclaim her to be the perfect woman for her natural beauty, down-to-earth character and penchant for being a goofball.

Jennifer Aniston

And the proof? Nobody has been in the 100 Sexiest list more times than 17-timer Jen. Nobody.

And given that we're now in our 20th year, that's a pretty bloody amazing effort.

Jennifer was only missing from the list in 1995 (its first year) and 2011. Naturally, we had to try and make some sense of this.

We put the 1995 omission down to the fact that Friends had only debuted in September of the previous year. Give it some time, they told her, you'll make it eventually. Hold back those tears.

As for 2011, this could be down to the crappy movies she was in, namely Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and The Switch with Jason Bateman. Yeeeah, we missed that one, too. Something about artificial insemination.

But hold on! What about Horrible Bosses?

Well, that came out after the 2011 list was published. Aaaand relax.

Amazingly, she's never actually topped the list (we know, right?). The closest she came was runner-up to Teri Hatcher in 1997.

Truthfully, we have no idea why she's never hit the top spot. It makes no sense at all really. Especially when she's got a GIF collection like this...


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